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Wholesale FAQs

Buying wholesale and selling retail is a lucrative and exciting business opportunity. Simply put, retailers buy products in bulk at a low cost and resell them to their customers at a marked up price. Business owners who buy wholesale have the freedom to market and rebrand their products to create loyal customers and reprice their product to adjust to changes in the marketplace.
Starting a new business can be scary at first, but with a little hard work and dedication entrepreneurs like you can have a healthy a prosperous business in no time. ienjoy Home® is dedicated to helping it's retailers succeed. We have dedicated staff who will work one-on-one with you to ensure your new products are flying off of the shelves.
Buy low and sell high. It’s as simple as that. How high or low is completely up to you. We sell all of our products at a set wholesale price. With our amazing line of products and an unbeatable wholesale price, your business will be booming in no time!

Everybody needs bedding! We have customers who sell online, in their stores, at flea markets, on the roadside and just about everywhere in between. Create your own brand for our products, you can also set up a website, we recommend You’ll be making sales in no time. Selling at flea markets and roadside is a time honored tradition which can be surprisingly lucrative. Where you can sell our amazing products is really only limited by your imagination. We are always here to help, if you need any assistance in locating places to sell just give us a call.

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